The Devil's Blues (Rolled The StonE)
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Short Song Description:
The devil gets upset when he finds the tomb empty.
Long Song Description:
A blues song with a simple riff telling the story of Jesus rising from the grave and the surprise when they find that the grave is empty.
Story Behind the Song:
I wanted to do a blues song with some heavy guitar which would be a distinct departure from my regular music.
Lyric Credits: Marty Kizer
Music Credits: Marty Kizer
Producer Credits: Marty Kizer
Publisher Credits: Minister of the Beats Music
Performance Credits: Mr_Marty
Label Credits: Minister of the Beats Music
Song Length: 4:48
Primary Genre: Blues-Gospel
Secondary Genre: Blues-Rock
Tempo / Feel: Slow (71 - 90)
Subject Matter 1: Hell
Subject Matter 2: Hero
Mood 1: Anxious
Mood 2: Stressed