IT'S 'Cause
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Short Song Description:
Professing love for God.
Long Song Description:
Since I'm a house aficionado, I wouldn't call this house music, but it's definitely something to dance to. Praise songs should be joyful. It was recorded at Amazemix studio in Jacksonville where some of the top gospel music in the last few years has been recorded. The background vocalists also can be heard an a lot of the top gospel hits of the past few years. The drums were done live. I recorded the lead vocals at home.
Story Behind the Song:
One of the unfinished songs from my studio project started in 2009. Since I'm from the Chicago area, the engineer suggested that I should do some house music.
Lyric Credits: Marty Kizer
Music Credits: AmazeMix
Producer Credits: Amazemix
Publisher Credits: Minister of the Beats Music
Performance Credits: Mr_Marty
Label Credits: Minister of the Beats Music
Song Length: 4:09
Primary Genre: Electronic-Religious
Secondary Genre: R & B-Religious
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: God
Mood 1: Gracious
Mood 2: Joyful
Era: 2000 and later